Green Spring Medical  

Dr. Zebley is a Family Physician with a practice dedicated to health enhancement. We are affiliated with MD VIP.

Dr. Zebley sees all ages and conditions, does minor office procedures and office gynecology. Check the accompanying web page.

Care Philosophy

Dr. Zebley is affiliated with MD VIP. This a membership program that allows for increased attention to preventive services and personal care. Dr. Zebley provides both primary care and specialty services in the office at Cross Keys.

Dr. Zebley practices family medicine and sees both children and adults. He has a CAQ in geriatrics and handles problems of osteoporosis, dementia, and other geriatric illnesses, and has a
special interest in pulmonary diseases, and asthma.

Dr Zebley is respectful of our patient's interest in complementary and non-western medical practices. Dr. Zebley works with MD VIPs nutritional supplements as well as Pharmanex and Pure Encapsulations to provide our clients with reliable supplements if they prefer to purchase them here rather than in a retail outlet. Dr. Zebley attends at GBMC, Union Memorial and Saint Joseph
Hospital, where he is chair of the Division of Family Medicine.